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Grant Baldwin from The Speaker Lab podcast will be sharing speaking business tactics, tips, and strategies from his own experience, case studies, and interviewing the experts. Whether you're just getting started trying to get your first booking or you're a veteran speaker looking to build and grow your business, this is for you. Grant has built a multiple six-figure per year business as a speaker having presented to over 500,000 people in over 450 paid speaking gigs. We'll talk about speaker marketing, working with speaker bureaus and agents, building your platform, negotiating fees, social media marketing, networking, storytelling, humor, operating the business and so much more!
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May 17, 2022

What started as a parking attendant at the happiest place on earth, led to a lucrative business as a speaker and entertainer. Rob Ferre has always gravitated to the stage, and now he’s got a highly successful business that has taken him across the globe.

Whether he’s the DJ at a major corporate event or giving their keynote the morning after a celebration, Rob has mastered the fundamentals of keeping an audience engaged and coming back for more! He pivoted through the global pandemic, adapted to the call for virtual gigs, and exudes a level of enthusiasm that provides a fresh take on how to make your own way in the speaking industry.

Rob is passionate about helping others see the possibilities within their speaking business and demonstrates the possibilities through his own skills as a DJ, emcee, keynote speaker, and his work with gamification. He’s giving insight on monetization, gaining access to the industry, and how to balance the evolution of a speaking business.

Whether you’re wondering how to shake things up, or want to hear a story of courage to try something different, then this episode is for you!


  • Developing a unique speaking business model
  • Finding the courage to try something different
  • Is virtual here to stay in the speaking business?
  • Audience engagement and the importance of checking in
  • Why he’s staying in the speaking industry
  • His favorite ride at Disneyland (can you guess?)
  • And much more!
May 10, 2022

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to sit down with some of our coaches and take a deep dive into some of the hottest topics for speakers?

Join Maryalice Goldsmith, Director of Student Success, and Coach Jeremy Rochford as they take a deep dive into 3 reasons why your talk is boring and what you can do to change it!

Jeremy begins the conversation by challenging listeners to begin framing who they want to become as a speaker, by acknowledging what they don’t want to be. Together they talk about imposter syndrome, unchallenged content, and avoiding risk as some of the greatest challenges speakers face, yet have the power to change! The audience wants nothing more than for you to succeed, and Jeremy champions this claim by unpacking tools that help speakers lower the barriers of relatability with their listeners.

Your message is full of opportunities to connect with your audience, meet them where they’re at, and help people feel and think in a different way. Jeremy and Maryalice are taking a “pause” from the front lines of coaching to give insight and wisdom into making your talk the very best it can be!


  • Why you don’t want to be memorable for the wrong reasons
  • What are the biggest challenges speakers face?
  • Why your audience wants you to win
  • Different types of humor you can add to your talk
  • How can you add flavor to your message?
  • What it means to “niche down”
  • What happens when you add the wrong kind of humor
  • And much more!
May 3, 2022
As speakers, many of us have a love-hate relationship with associations. Should we become a member? What are the benefits? How will this help me grow my business? Is it worth it?

For Episode 392 we’re sitting down with President and CEO of the National Speaker Association, Jaime Nolan, to unwrap the ins and outs of what the NSA does for members and their businesses.

While Jaime is new to NSA, she brings over two decades of experience with associations and meeting planners, and therefore a unique perspective that is much needed in this era of “rebuilding” post-pandemic. Focused on recreating an elite member experience and helping members build stronger businesses and be better speakers, the NSA is reexamining its conference structure, resources, and how they cater to members in different seasons of their careers.

During this episode, Jaime will reveal some of how she’s rewriting the playbook within, and some of the major changes they’ve already made to better serve their constituents. Whether you’re already a member, considering joining, or just want to understand what the “association experience” is all about, this episode will answer all those questions and more!


  • The post-pandemic life of an association
  • What is the role of an association in your speaking career?
  • How to assess if a membership is right for you
  • How an association can help diversify your business opportunities
  • Utilizing resources and opportunities to network
  • What makes a healthy, functioning association?
  • The scarcity mindset vs. abundance mindset
  • Why the NSA can’t talk about speaker fees
  • And much more!
Apr 26, 2022

Sharing in the excitement of our students' success is such a privilege for our team at the Speaker Lab! Our Director of Student Success, Maryalice Goldsmith, is taking the mic for our Student Highlight series so you can hear directly from our students about their experiences and what they want you to know about growing your speaking business.

Shawn Singleton is a highly accomplished individual who credits his success to a deep desire to “stop the cycle” of bad habits and take a deeper dive into the concept of “life culture.” His mission to be the best version of himself and help others do the same is at the core of his work.  During this conversation, he shares some of his “ah-ha” moments as one of our Elite students and how he built a firm foundation of fundamentals by working through each module.

Shawn is a champion for transforming mindset and changing the narrative. He started with small speaking gigs as he built his content, but he quickly realized the principles he was sharing were ready for a larger audience. He consistently works to meet leaders where they are and show them how they can build sustainable and successful businesses.

He'd be the first to tell you that his time at The Speaker Lab helped him to narrow his topic, build confidence, and establish a skill set that will serve him as his speaking business continues to grow. Shawn is awesome and has a great story to share!


  • The impact of technology and our need to be busy
  • Discovering your passion and finding your niche
  • Making your passion marketable
  • Why building confidence matters
  • Identifying your non-negotiables
  • Managing your nerves and making an impact
  • How to use your voice as a tool
  • And much more!
Apr 19, 2022

He’s a favorite among the TSL family and he knows what it takes to strategically build and sustain a successful business. On pace to double his income in 2022, Erick Rheam has navigated the ups and downs of the past few years with grit and grace.

While there are many crucial resources needed in the process of building a speaking business, this episode highlights one very important yet simple piece you must add to your repertoire.

The abstract.

The abstract is made up of seven parts, fits on one page, and is meant to help you get one step closer to booking that next gig. Erick walks through each of the seven components including a professional headshot, contact information, title and premise of your talk, identifying the problem you solve, testimonials, learning objectives, and references. He’ll also explain why you don’t lead with an abstract, when you should share this resource, and why you never list your speaking fee! Whether you’re a seasoned speaker, or just getting started, there’s always time to create or update your abstract to help achieve the goals of your business! During this episode, Erick will equip and encourage those who are ready to take the next step and make their abstract work for them!


  • Why an abstract will streamline your thinking
  • How to use an abstract to test the marketplace
  • The value of keeping it short and sweet
  • Why social proof matters
  • Why your objectives have to be tangible
  • What to do when you don’t have testimonials
  • The difference between an abstract and a proposal
  • And much more!
Apr 12, 2022
When the pandemic hit, Alan Stein realized things had to change with his business and he needed to demonstrate the pillars of leadership that he had been talking about for years. Committed to serving others, Alan has diversified his offerings to keep adding value for his audience and keep growing his business.

In addition to writing his second book, Sustain Your Game, Alan created a course and added a coaching piece to his business to continue fulfilling his mission of filling others’ buckets and equipping thriving leaders. During this episode, Alan explains why it’s important to be a low-maintenance speaker, how to show gratitude, and why these two priorities have made such a difference in his success.

In addition to his time on the stage, Alan has authored and leveraged his books to help connect others with his message. As his business continues to grow, he is committed to turning adversity into opportunity --- even amidst a global pandemic --- and gearing up for the next play when the playbook becomes outdated. He’s intentional, inspiring, and building on a strong foundation of timeless pillars of success!


  • Turning adversity into opportunity
  • Exposing the “Achilles heel” of your business
  • The 24-hour rule
  • Timeless pillars for success
  • Why you must be easy to work with
  • How to show gratitude
  • A wholistic approach to your business
  • Fitting a book into your business
  • And much more!
Apr 5, 2022
Genuine, authentic, relatable, down-to-earth — that is Shane Sams. He gave up his place at the front of the classroom after realizing he wanted to find a way to provide and have the ability to be present for the people who matter most in his life.

What started as making playbooks for coaches and lesson plans for teachers soon turned into a full-blown education company as Shane claimed the title of “online entrepreneur.” Soon after, he and his wife realized they could share their resources and entrepreneurial gifts to help other families take control of their income, gain freedom, and create a future. After selling his education company, Shane stepped into a new venture to help others monetize their knowledge, wisdom, and passion through membership sites.

It might surprise you to learn that Shane only started speaking two years ago! Shane had been podcasting for several years but hadn’t taken the stage. However, he knew that in order to grow his platform, he would need to begin speaking. Together, he and his family decided to go “all in” and give it a try. During the pandemic, Shane received a surprising offer that he simply couldn’t refuse, and the rest is history! Now, he’s speaking to thousands of people on stages larger than he ever could have imagined.

Shane learned to embrace everything about himself and what he could bring to his audience. He would say it took a lot of “reps” to get it right, but his intentional preparation allowed him to be ready for whatever came his way.


  • How to stop your paycheck from owning you
  • Why friendships and relationships are the keys to success
  • Combining passion and purpose with a mission
  • Why you must take control of your income to gain freedom
  • Why you should podcast if you want to speak
  • How to prepare for any opportunity that might come your way
  • Why you have to be quick on your feet and ready to step up
  • And so much more!
Mar 29, 2022
Sharing in the excitement of our student’s success is such a privilege for our team at the Speaker Lab. Our Director of Student Success, Maryalice Goldsmith, is taking the mic for our Student Highlight series so you can hear more about our students’ experiences and what they want you to know about growing your speaking business.

A near-death experience eventually led Darwin Li to find his place on the speaking stage. He knew there was something he had to give others – insights and hard lessons from failure – that might help them face what flashed before his eyes in an unimaginable situation.

On a mission to discover the very best in himself and change the lives of others, Darwin has a unique ability to touch his audience through stories of reflection and impact. While his personal experience is one of great intensity, he shares his realization of how coaching itself can be life-changing and help draw out the strength and depth in your purpose.

Darwin Li eventually found The Speaker Lab and never looked back. During his conversation with Maryalice, he shares his realization about how TSL gave him “permission” to think differently while still inspiring his audience with a message of leadership. He has completed several programs at The Speaker Lab, and is sharing his experience and commitment to investing in his speaking journey.  The resilience and determination that surround Darwin’s conversation with Maryalice will meet every speaker in any season.


  • Do you have to experience trauma to share a deep message?
  • How to understand your purpose through everyday choices
  • Why you need to exercise your mindset
  • What it looks like to reflect on a “would be” life
  • Identifying your ending and different ways to get there
  • Why there’s no shame in needing help
  • How to seize the opportunity and make the next move
  • And much more!
Mar 22, 2022

Amidst a global pandemic and just weeks after he and his wife welcomed their second son into the world, Wolf Millstone decided it was time to leave his full-time sales gig and start Wolf Millstone Group. It was time to take a leap of faith and begin his journey to the stage --- and that’s exactly what happened.

Just one year later and Wolf is bringing in six figures, booking gigs left and right, and is now in a position of needing to scale his business and bring on his first employee. In just 12 months the demand for his message on stage, in workshops, and for training exploded! He has experienced unprecedented growth and success because of his grit and intense desire to learn and apply strategies for success.

Where did he start you might ask? With Episode 001 of The Speaker Lab Podcast. Soon Wolf was listening to three episodes a day, seeking the counsel of trusted mentors and coaches, and then he was off and running with a website and demo reel. He’s first to admit that his temptation to strive for perfection was soon grounded by an intentional shift to start somewhere and keep learning amidst booking his first gigs.

His enthusiasm, passion, and tenacity are unmatched! Wolf’s unique story will inspire any speaker to remember why you started speaking and how you can continue making a difference.


  • Where he first got the idea to pursue speaking
  • Why he got fired from his first job
  • What is the exponential sales method?
  • How he applied valuable resources to create his own success
  • Figuring out how much to charge for a gig
  • How he’s diversified what he offers his audience
  • Why you have to ask for help
  • Resisting the urge for perfection
  • And much, much more!
Mar 15, 2022
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to sit down with some of our coaches and take a deep dive into some of the hottest topics for speakers?

Join Maryalice Goldsmith, Director of Student Success, and Lead Coach, Rick Clemons for our second episode of the Coaches Corner series!

Together they're unpacking the 5 biggest mistakes made by aspiring speakers and how to keep them from standing in your way of success.

Our coaches at TSL are in the trenches with students to challenge, encourage, and inspire as they navigate their own path to the stage. The structure of the TSL program and one-on-one coaching affords students the opportunity to seek counsel and rely on a trusted framework that will provide a healthy pace towards growth!

Maryalice and Rick unpack what it looks like to "niche down," why you have to take your speaking career seriously, and what it means to be a "squirrel" --- but you'll have to listen to the episode to understand this one!

Together they share their own experiences and what they've gleaned from working with so many of our TSL students.


  • What it means to work the framework
  • Why you should be a student of the speaking industry
  • How to have an impact with a specific audience
  • Things to consider as you grow your business – hire help!
  • Why clarity gets you booked and paid to speak
  • Why finding your niche will grow your business – faster!
  • Protecting yourself from distraction and comparison
  • And much more!
Mar 8, 2022

So, you’re thinking about hosting a podcast, but you don’t know where to begin?

Jeff Sanders launched his show, The 5 AM Miracle, 8 ½ years ago with no audience, minimal equipment, and the simple goal of expanding on the content he was already providing on his blog.

Fast-forward to today, and he has a wildly successful show that has catapulted his ability to network, market, and book gigs as a speaker and author.

How did he do it? He’s here to share! Jeff quickly realized that his show attracted the kind of people he wanted to work with.

During this episode, Jeff unpacks the power of podcasting and why it’s one of the best mediums to personally showcase your skills and talents. He walks us through the ins and outs, dos and don’ts, and creativity that make up the very best podcasts.


  • Why podcasting is personal
  • What keeps an audience coming back for more?
  • Putting a positive spin on your brand for your people
  • Have you missed the opportunity to launch a show?
  • What equipment do you need to start?
  • Why audio quality matters
  • Show notes, hosting sites, and a simple call to action
  • Jeff’s best strategy to grow your podcast – today!
  • And much, much more!
Mar 1, 2022

So, you want to write a book, but you don’t know where to begin. That’s okay! Look no further.

Chandler Bolt leads the organization Self-Publishing School and has helped lead entrepreneurs through the process of bringing their own book to life through self-publishing.

His MOVE writing method helps build momentum through a unique checklist process that keeps the light at the end of the tunnel in focus.

During this episode, you’ll learn more about why self-publishing can help fast-track the opportunity to diversify revenue streams and provide your audience with a more personal introduction of yourself.

Chandler will also address questions about creating your cover, editing, formatting, and when you’ll know the right time to take the leap from rough draft to reality! If you’re at all considering adding a book to your repertoire, this is the episode for you.

Chandler brings actionable next steps, encouragement, and expertise that you don’t want to miss!


  • Traditional vs. self vs. hybrid, what’s best?!
  • Why your audience needs to meet you, in a book
  • How to self-publish without looking self-published
  • Why it’s important to simplify the process
  • Three must-haves to self-publish
  • The launch triangle
  • And so much more!

Want a copy of his book Published. for free?!
Check out the link here.

Feb 22, 2022
Sharing in the excitement of our student's success is such a privilege for our team at the Speaker Lab. Our Director of Student Success, Maryalice Goldsmith, is taking the mic for our Student Highlight series so you can hear more about our students’ experiences and what they want you to know about growing your speaking business.

Francesco Samarelli believes in paying it forward to fellow speakers and generously agreed to share about his journey to speaking success. One of the pillars of value for students at TSL is the ability to learn from one another and to be in the trenches together!

For Francesco it all started with an opportunity to take the stage that was followed up with a surprising response --- the audience loved him! He shares his journey of how at a young age his teacher, Mrs. Fowler, helped plant a seed that would inspire him to express himself and use his skill sets to share his message.

During this episode, Maryalice and Francesco take a deep dive into what it looks like to turn a passion into a career and what it looks like to educate and equip others through your message. There's something for everyone!

  • How to endure the race
  • His message of emotional management
  • Thriving on mission to share your message
  • How you know when you’re meant to be a speaker
  • Why coaching is vital to your success
  • Mindset, meditation, and other choices that matter
  • Finding focus in the hustle and bustle
  • And much more!
Feb 15, 2022

Are you a speaker? An author? Considering both? Jessi Beyer is both but her journey to this point in her career is not one you might expect! She joined us for Episode 381 to narrate her experience in building a business committed to helping others find healing through their struggles with mental health.

Jessi quickly found that the success of her first book catapulted her into a world of opportunity she’d not yet experienced as a speaker. She talks about her insecurities (or lack there-of!), what kept her motivated and energized, and why coaching earlier in her career was key to her success.

Jessi’s commitment to the process and can-do attitude has helped her pave a path to success, even at such a young age. Her enthusiasm and dedication to her mission and vision are hard to beat!


  • Finding confidence in your message
  • How to find the right audience
  • What it looks like to pivot from speaking to writing, and back again!
  • How to leverage a successful book launch?
  • Finding a balance as an author and speaker
  • Self-publishing vs. traditional vs. hybrid
  • Why putting in the hard work matters
  • And much more!

Want a copy of her book, How To Heal free?! 
Check out the link here.

Feb 8, 2022
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to sit down with some of our coaches and find out what coaching is all about?!

Well, you’re in luck. Because that’s exactly what the Coaches Corner Podcast series is all about. We’re handing the mic to Maryalice Goldsmith, Director of Student Success, and she’ll be sitting down with an esteemed member of our coaching team to take a deep dive into some of the hottest topics for speakers!

In this episode of the Coaches Corner series, Maryalice welcomes our Lead Coach, Rick Clemons, to unpack the topic of professional coaching. Maybe some of you have coaches, others are considering it, or some of you might be thinking --- what does it mean to have a professional coach?!

Maryalice and Rick are answering all your questions by sharing their personal experiences with coaching, the vision behind coaching at The Speaker Lab, and why it’s a crucial step in your success in building a speaking business. Their questions will challenge you, their mission will inspire you, and their candid approach will leave you asking for more!


  • Are you in your own way?
  • Do you need coaching?
  • Does mindset matter?
  • Why are you doing this?
  • Creating a customized plan for speaking success
  • What the best coaches are doing
  • “How” vs. “I get to…”
  • Systems and processes that lead to success
  • And much more!
Feb 1, 2022

We all have that little voice in our heads.

You know, the one that creeps in when we start to doubt ourselves and the ability to share our message.

So what can we do about that voice?

Kindra Hall is a successful speaker and author, recently releasing her book, Choose Your Story, Change Your Life: Silence Your Inner Critic and Rewrite Your Life from the Inside Out. She joined us to talk about her mission to combat the comparison game and help speakers protect their mentality and confidence.

The unknown challenges and necessary pivots of pandemic life have demanded that speakers adjust and keep their minds from wandering to the dark places of defeat. Kindra reminds us of where we’ve come from, how we’ve grown in recent years, and what it takes to find a balance of confidence and care when taking the stage ---- in person or virtually!

Her energy and willingness to share her own fears allow for an honest conversation packed with insight and encouragement to keep going.

  • Getting back in shape as a speaker post-pandemic
  • Why the comparison game is dangerous
  • The pros and cons of the inner critic
  • Understanding your “why”
  • Balancing pride and humility
  • Using stories and experiences to manage your inner critic
  • And so much more!
Jan 25, 2022

Sharing in the excitement of our student’s success is such a privilege for our team at The Speaker Lab. Our Director of Student Success, Maryalice Goldsmith, is taking the mic for our Student Highlight series so you can hear more about our students’ experiences and what they want you to know about growing your speaking business.

Chris Failla has got an awesome story to share and you’re sure to leave this episode feeling inspired and encouraged to take the next big step in your own career. He’s full of heart and has a really unique narrative to share about what has inspired him to take the stage.  Chris and Maryalice talk about finding your “deeper why” and how to use your message to make an impact.

During this conversation, Chris unpacks his process, how he came to find The Speaker Lab, and how this investment in his business and himself brought him to stages he never could have imagined. Chris is motivated by the desire to help others love their work for the long haul and have a sustainable impact on a human level. He’s the real deal, and he’s here to share!


  • The moment he knew he was meant to speak
  • Being the light switch for your audience
  • What it means to honor “bedrock values”
  • The financial and emotional “why”
  • Researching your audience before you get on stage
  • Working through an “oops”
  • Why your “why” matters so much
  • And much more!
Jan 18, 2022

If you’re ready to hear a life-changing, vision-defining story of gratitude, then you’re in the right place.

John Israel is a friend and entrepreneur-turned-speaker who has redefined success in his unique niche of the industry. After serving for nearly a decade as the leader of a strategic gifting company, John found himself with a message of gratitude that holds the power to impact client and employee attrition.

In this episode he’s sharing his journey to defining the problem he solves and the vision he’s committed to living out. He unpacks the social experiment that changed his life and why it’s important to find your right audience and then teach them (rather than sell to them)! John also talks about why free events are the way to start and how strategic marketing and a willingness to pivot are essential in this industry.

  • The competitive advantage in gratitude
  • Why experimenting, pivoting, and flexibility will help you find your niche
  • Teaching vs. selling, and why it matters!
  • Why you must find the right audience
  • Understanding the problem you solve
  • Why you must be true to your mission
  • And so much more!
Jan 11, 2022
Have you found the one? Not that one, but the one thing?

The one and only Geoff Woods joined us for Episode 376 to explain what “the one thing” is and why you need to find it to achieve your goals.

Passionate about how small things make a big difference and why world-class content is a must, Geoff’s approach to productivity and building a business is contagious.

Not only will this episode help you begin your journey to finding “the one thing,” but you’ll also get to hear more about Geoff’s road to becoming co-founder and president of the organization, The One Thing.

How did he get started? By asking a simple question, “How might I be able to help?” And the rest is history! If you’re looking for the one thing that will reignite your “why” and lead you into the future, then this episode is a must!


  • What is “the one thing?”
  • Why does “the one thing matter?”
  • Understanding your goals
  • How to start a new career
  • What it means to prioritize (for real)!
  • Having a job vs. building a business
  • How can you help?
  • How can you find “the one thing?”
  • And much more!
Jan 4, 2022
The art of stagecraft.
It’s not just what you say, it’s how you say it.
Understanding your artistic ability, and how to bring things to life, will separate the speakers from the professional speakers.

So how do you find your inner performer?

Our lead coach, Rick Clemons, is the expert on helping others find where their star shines the brightest, and how to take delivery and content to the next level.

Rick takes a deep dive into what speakers should be doing to bring their craft to life while balancing the value of performance vs. being in the moment with your audience. He shares a few of his own first-hand experiences on the stage and how he’s relied on strong fundamentals and creativity to adjust his stagecraft for each audience.

What’s exciting is that Rick will also share about a special cohort we will be launching SOON here at The Speaker Lab.

Through live virtual sessions, Rick will be working with students to develop everything from volume, cadence, receiving constructive feedback, and navigating the technical things that make all the difference.

If you’re excited about what you heard in today’s episode and interested in learning more about our stagecraft cohort, visit to schedule a call with one of our enrollment advisors. Rick is an amazing coach and he’s planned an incredible experience for our students - we hope you’ll join us!


  • Does booking gigs mean you’re a good speaker?
  • Finding your inner performer (not someone else’s)
  • The value of an outside perspective
  • Can stagecraft be taught or do you have to have the “it” factor?
  • Balancing performance vs. presence
  • How to join our stagecraft cohort
  • And much more!
Dec 28, 2021

You’ve done the heavy lifting, you’ve put in the sweat equity, and as a result, you have a thriving, growing business. And now you need help! So what’s next?

Erick Rheam joined us for Episode 374 to explain three things you must consider when you decide to build out a team. We’ll talk in detail about mapping out your organization, creating margin so you can focus on areas you need to focus on, and even how to interact with vendors.

Erick has so much insight to share because he’s worked through each of these challenges personally. He’s sharing his experience, and together we’ll highlight what has helped set us up for success along the path of growing as speakers and entrepreneurs.

If you’re wondering when it’s time to take the plunge and call in some backup, then this episode is for you!


  • What it means to manage your assets
  • When to fire yourself and make a new hire
  • Making project-based hires
  • Setting clear expectations
  • Employee compensation
  • Why the structure will continue to evolve
  • Analyzing fixed costs and ROI
  • How to find people to hire
  • And so much more!
Dec 21, 2021

Sharing in the excitement of our students' success is such a privilege for our team at the Speaker Lab. Our Director of Student Success, Maryalice Goldsmith, is taking the mic for our Student Highlight series so you can hear more about our students’ experiences and what they want you to know about growing your speaking business.

Dana Knowles joined The Speaker Lab in April 2021. Her enthusiasm and motivation are unmatched, and she quickly engaged with our coaches and the Elite program. She’s always loved speaking and realizing she might be able to get paid to speak was a game changer. Passionate about sharing her extraordinary story with audiences, Dana shares more about her product that went to market and how that helped launch her speaking career. She also reveals the importance of accountability, networking, and goal setting as she continues to grow her speaking business.

Dana has overcome, conquered, and continues to strive for excellence. Her conversation with Maryalice will make you feel “not so alone” in the trenches of stepping out in confidence to grow your speaking business!


  • Why coaching and learning from experience matters
  • Finding the right time to jump all-in
  • Why you can’t afford to make excuses
  • Taking the leap to make the financial and emotional investment
  • What to do if you’re successful
  • What it means to be a procrastinate-achiever
  • Reinventing yourself
  • And much more!
Dec 14, 2021

Dorie Clark is the real deal. She’s intentional, professional, experienced, sincere, and she’s passionate about educating others to take action with the future in mind.

Having just released her most recent book, The Long Game, Dorie joined The Speaker Lab Podcast to look at what you need to be doing today to build a successful (and sustainable!) tomorrow.

In this episode we cover everything from diversified income streams to finding the patience and persistence to give opportunities a chance to gain traction.

She’s also giving insight into building meaningful relationships and leveraging archival research to determine what business strategies have led to success for others and could work for you too.


  • Pre-pandemic vs. post-pandemic speaking engagements
  • What it looks like to provide a premium in-person experience
  • Why it matters to have diversified streams of revenue
  • How to build meaningful relationships
  • Why being a speaker is a long-term game
  • Researching what works
  • Why the “science of it” matters
  • And much more!
Dec 7, 2021

We have to start somewhere right? And we've all been there, trying to build a business, cash is tight, and we need to make ends meet.

Erick Rheam, a great friend of TSL, has found incredible success in recent years as his speaking career has taken off. He's about to release his sixth book and year after year he's breaking his own income records. So, how is he doing it?

Erick joined us for a deep dive into cash flow management. We're talking about four must-haves when it comes to building a sustainable business with a solid financial foundation.

There's no claim here to financial expertise, but you'll see from our conversation that there is a ton of life experience and business success to learn from as you grow your own speaking career!


  • The cyclical nature of a speaking career
  • Why you need to treat your speaking career like a real business
  • What are money buckets and why do they matter?
  • What it means to "run lean"
  • Why you need a cushion of cash
  • Determining an ROI
  • Evaluating recurring expenses
  • And much more!
Nov 30, 2021

John Jantsch ---- author, speaker, marketing extraordinaire, and he’s here for Episode 370 of The Speaker Lab Podcast!

John just released his seventh book, The Ultimate Marketing Engine. When it comes to finding expertise on how to use book writing to grow your speaking business, John’s the one to give it. For decades he’s leveraged opportunities that fueled one another and created a growing platform for coaching, consulting, networking, writing and speaking. During our conversation, we cover the process of bringing a book to life, what it can do for your speaking career, and how to know when it's time to start writing.

So. --- if you’re intimidated by the idea of taking on more, but intrigued by what it takes to capitalize on meaningful opportunities, then this episode is for you!



  • Expectations for virtual gigs
  • Why every piece of your business should be connected
  • Evaluating opportunities
  • Why you should have just a few primary keynotes
  • How to build a business and a lifestyle
  • Pricing presentations and book sales
  • Using your book as a marketing tool
  • Self-publishing vs. traditional publishing
  • Understanding the problem you solve
  • And much more!
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