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Grant Baldwin from The Speaker Lab podcast will be sharing speaking business tactics, tips, and strategies from his own experience, case studies, and interviewing the experts. Whether you're just getting started trying to get your first booking or you're a veteran speaker looking to build and grow your business, this is for you. Grant has built a multiple six-figure per year business as a speaker having presented to over 500,000 people in over 450 paid speaking gigs. We'll talk about speaker marketing, working with speaker bureaus and agents, building your platform, negotiating fees, social media marketing, networking, storytelling, humor, operating the business and so much more!
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Nov 6, 2018

Do you need a speaking management company? What's the difference between a speaking management company and a speakers bureau?

Here to answer those questions and more is Karen Harris of CMI Speaker Management, a management agency for speakers. Karen's agency is designed to represent the speaker's interests and take care of their needs, while also growing their business.

On this episode of The Speaker Lab, we talk about the differences between speaker agents and bureaus before discussing what clients want to see from potential speakers and what distinguishes those speakers who make it from those who don't succeed. Join us for that and more on episode 210 of The Speaker Lab!  


  • What does Karen look for in potential clients for her agency?
  • Are videos better shown in small chunks or one longer clip?
  • What can we learn about marketing from the latest Mission Impossible movie?
  • Why should you have multiple YouTube channels and what should each of them be?
  • What are the top two topics event planners are booking for right now?
  • What works well to book gigs when you are a new or emerging speaker?
  • Do you always have to do "exposure opportunities"?
  • Why you must take a video down if it's more than a year old.
  • And so much more!




Oct 30, 2018

Have you ever considered how to develop your voice through speaking and writing? Whether you are a speaker who wants to write or a writer who has a book to promote writing and speaking go hand in hand. Here to tell us more about this is Ann Handley.

Ann is the Chief Content Officer of MarketingProfs, she's also a best-selling author and a speaker. Today on The Speaker Lab she and Melanie are talking about writing and speaking are intertwined, how to find and refine your unique voice and the importance of showing up authentically on stage and in your content.

Episode 209 is also a different kind of episode: Melanie Diezel is back as our interviewer. We've done this once before and you all loved it so much we decided to do it again. Let us know if you want another Melanie-run interview and a repeat visit from Ann after you listen to this latest edition of The Speaker Lab!  


  • What is the essence of public speaking?
  • What is the dirty truth of being an author?
  • Can we develop a strong sense of our own voice, even if we aren't writers?
  • What makes the best writing?
  • Is writing something only a few special people have been gifted with?
  • How does content play into building your speaking business?
  • What gave her the feedback to know she needed to write her second book?
  • What is a baby step you can take right now to experiment with writing?
  • And so much more!



Oct 23, 2018

Some of the advice you'll hear most on this show is about how to narrow your audience. Yes your topic may appeal to a wide range of audiences, but how are you going to find the people perfect for you? By staying focused and going narrow.

Someone who epitomizes this is Rick Clemons, our guest for this episode. Rick has gone through The Speaker Lab elite coaching program and has made fantastic strides in the process!

Today we are talking about how he's worked to narrow down who his audience is (even though his topic could appeal to many different groups), why systems and structure have helped him to book more gigs and simple strategies to increase engagement when contacting potential clients. Join us for that and more on episode 208 of The Speaker Lab.  


  • When did he realize he's a storyteller who happens to speak?
  • How did he pivot so he could narrow his focus?
  • How to adapt your language to connect with potential clients.
  • What is a common mistake most speakers make?
  • How and why to get clear on the results you want.
  • Why he focuses on the six to eight states nearest him.
  • What is his email follow up system?
  • How does he utilize video to personally connect with potential clients?
  • And so much more!



Oct 16, 2018

Do you think if you get listed with a speakers bureau the gigs will just come pouring in? It's not quite that simple.

Marcus Sheridan joins us to share why speakers bureaus alone won't make you successful (and what will) on episode 207 of The Speaker Lab.

Marcus is a successful speaker who has built his business in an unconventional way. Today we break down and bust through myths he held, how his perception of speaking bureaus has evolved and changed, how he thinks about speaking fees and quantifying the value you offer.

And we finish with Marcus giving an answer he is certain I disagree with! Tune in to hear what that answer is and if I actually do disagree on this episode of The Speaker Lab.  


  • Is a bureau pivotal to booking higher quality gigs?
  • Why bureaus should supplement your business, but not be the sole source.
  • Was it hard for him to ask for money for his own services?
  • Why success takes more than just getting on stage and speaking.
  • At what point did he start bringing in a team to help him?
  • Why does he think speakers have difficulty asking for higher fees?
  • Why people aren't paying you for your time, and what they are paying for instead.
  • How to take full advantage of the seeds of trust you have already developed.
  • And so much more!



Oct 9, 2018

Do you know what SEO stands for or how SEO can grow your speaking business? You're in luck because today's guest will answer those questions, and more. Brian Dean of Backlinko joins us for episode 206 of The Speaker Lab.

Brian's company is Backlinko, an SEO training company that teaches people how to rank in Google and YouTube. Most people know Backlinko as a blog, it gets 3 million visitors every year and is one of the top SEO blogs in the world.

If you're wondering what SEO is the term stands for search engine optimization, which means getting your site to rank higher on Google. The purpose of SEO is driving more traffic to your site from search engines, like Google and YouTube.

On this episode, we'll talk about why SEO (including blogging and YouTube) should be a part of your marketing strategy. Brian will also share techniques you can use, including where to begin, and much more on today's edition of The Speaker Lab.


  • What does EAT stand for and why does it matter in your Google rankings?
  • What is the barbell strategy?
  • How do you know which keywords you should use?
  • How many keywords should you be targeting to be most effective?
  • What are the two ways Google reviews your site to rank it?
  • Why has he put so much effort into YouTube?
  • What is the 2nd biggest search engine in the world?
  • How long should your videos be on YouTube?
  • And so much more!



Oct 2, 2018

You know it takes time, effort and energy to build and grow your speaking career; succeeding as a speaker means you also must know how to compete every day. Someone who embodies this is Jake Thompson. Jake's brand, Compete Every Day, is an apparel lifestyle brand based on the idea that life is worth competing for.

On this episode of The Speaker Lab, Jake will go into more detail on the evolution of his brand as well as how he's uncovered who his audience is, how he battles discouragement in this business, and how he hustles to expand his business without getting overwhelmed or spreading himself too thin.

We also get into some coaching before wrapping up with Jake's advice for hanging in there through the ups and downs of your journey. Join us for all of that on today's edition of The Speaker Lab.


  • When did he feel called to the stage, and why?
  • What is the goal behind his brand?
  • How has he gotten traction over the last six months?
  • What role has content played in helping people to find him?
  • Why it's easier to pivot from the wrong niche than it is to speak to a broad target market.
  • What can we learn from Kobe Bryant's basic drill exercises?
  • How is batching a variety content helping him grow his business?
  • Why you can do it all, just not at once.
  • And so much more!



Sep 25, 2018

Can publishing a book help your speaking career? It can and here to explain how to get a book deal is my friend Chad Allen. Chad has 20 years of publishing experience under his belt, including being the head of the Baker Books division of The Baker Publishing Group.

On this episode of The Speaker Lab, we're going to talk about how to create your book proposal, why and how to follow authors in your space, how to contact potential publishers, and much more.

Chad has been extremely instrumental behind the scenes of my own book deal and publishing process so I wanted to share his advice with you. Join us on to hear what we've been up to along with his advice for you on how to get a book deal on episode 204 of The Speaker Lab.


  • Why you need a business plan for your book.
  • What are the six major elements of a book proposal?
  • Do you always need a book agent?
  • How do publishers decide which books to publish?
  • What are the key metrics a publisher uses when evaluating your platform?
  • What is the #1 reason publishers turn down a proposal?
  • How many email subscribers do you need at a minimum?
  • What are the three forms of credibility and how does a book give you all of them?
  • And so much more!



Sep 18, 2018

One of the most common topics people ask me about is how to create a demo video. To dive into this topic our co-host, Ms. Melanie Diezel, is returning for episode 203.

This is an important part of building your speaking business and your brand so we're dedicating an entire show to it.

Today, Melanie and I will walk you through the best practices to keep in mind for your demo video, how to actually create your demo video with or without footage, and our best technical tips and software suggestions even if you aren't technically-oriented.

There's a lot to get to so tune in to hear it all on episode 203 of The Speaker Lab!  


  • Why your audience is key when you are creating your demo video.
  • How and why to use B roll and voiceover in moderation.
  • How can you layer in photos to show diverse experience?
  • What is one of the easiest ways to punch up your demo video?
  • What do you do if you need footage?
  • What are some ways to hold people's attention throughout your video?
  • Can you shoot your entire video using just an iPhone?
  • Why your title and description of your video are also important.
  • And so much more!



Sep 11, 2018

Are you a part-time speaker, or are you someone who speaks on occasion? Or maybe you're doing a lot of speaking on the side while still working your full-time job, and you're wondering how to transition into full-time speaking. If any of those scenarios sound like you then you're in luck!

Today's episode is completely dedicated to this very topic - how to transition into speaking full-time. Melanie and I will share our own stories of how we went from part-time speakers to having full-time speaking careers.

We'll also tell you when it makes the most sense to make the transition, how to juggle everything before, during and after the transition and how best to prepare yourself so you can make the transition as smooth as possible. Join us for those topics and more on episode 202 of The Speaker Lab.


  • Why are so many people intimidated by making the leap from their jobs to speaking?
  • How long does it take most speakers to build their business into full-time speaking gigs?
  • Why there is never the perfect time to do anything.
  • What are the two types of regret?
  • How can you promote yourself without ruffling the feathers of your full-time job?
  • What are other streams of revenue you can use while you build your speaking skills?
  • How to determine a realistic budget and a financial safety net.
  • Will there be some seasons that are busier than others even when you're an established speaker?
  • And so much more!



Sep 4, 2018

This is my favorite guest we've ever had and ever will have: my wife! We are talking with Sheila Baldwin, my other half.

Sheila was previously here with us on episode 60, and we're bringing her back for part two today. We'll talk about how to be married to a speaker: what Sheila's role has been in my business, what it's really like for her when I travel, how we divide up chores and what we like to do for fun.

You'll hear Sheila give her thoughts on those topics and more today. Please enjoy this conversation with me and my wife on this episode of The Speaker Lab!  


  • What was it like to make the transition from full-time work into self-employment as a speaker?
  • Will there ever be the perfect time?
  • How did we stay connected while I traveled for speaking gigs?
  • How can you stay fully present when you are at home?
  • When Sheila has been kept separate from my business, and why.
  • What challenges has she witnessed as the business has evolved over the years?
  • Did she ever want me to give up speaking?
  • Why does she have me do my own laundry?
  • And much more!



Aug 28, 2018

Welcome to The Speaker Lab for a very special milestone: episode 200! Whether it's your first time here or you've been with us for all 200 shows, thank you for listening.

On today's episode we are doing something different - we've reached out to our speaker friends and other people in the speaking industry and asked them to share their best speaking tip. It could be related to connecting to the audience, building your business or the craft itself.

About 20 some speakers chimed in with their #1 tip and you're going to hear it when you listen in to episode 200 of The Speaker Lab.  


  • Why should you throw away half of your best presentation?
  • What is a contextual model and why should you have one?
  • Why you should stop seeing others as competition and start learning from them instead.
  • Three ways to take full advantage of the ecosystem around your speaking engagement.
  • How do you get your audience to share your talk?
  • What three things do you need to have a sustained, successful speaking career?
  • Why you want to niche down as far as possible.
  • What is the one question you can ask to create more sales?
  • And so much more!



Aug 21, 2018

By now you know publishing is a great way to solidify your reputation in your niche. But did you know you can also grow your speaking revenue through publishing? You can and our friend Jeff Goins is here to share exactly how.

Today is a different type of episode, it's actually an interview taken from our upcoming course Beyond The Stage. Our conversation focuses on all things publishing: self-publishing, traditional publishing or a hybrid of the two we are covering it.

There's a lot of great stuff on this show so please join me and Jeff Goins for a preview of Beyond The Stage right here on episode 199 of The Speaker Lab.  


  • Why getting a traditional book deal isn't necessarily going to make your career.
  • Did Mark Twain self-publish his books?
  • How are book advances determined?
  • When does it make sense to get a traditional book deal, and when not?
  • How do you know if your platform qualifies as a "big" platform?
  • What is hybrid publishing and how does it work?
  • When does a hybrid deal make sense and when does self-publishing make sense?
  • What are your "subrights" and why should you keep your audio rights?
  • And so much more!



Aug 14, 2018

You know a speaker only makes money when they speak - unless they build their business beyond the stage. And today we are exploring one of the ways to do just that with the one and only Mr. Pat Flynn.

Pat is an entrepreneur and renowned public speaker who runs a site called Smart Passive Income. Even though he and I could geek out on speaking all day long we have a different focus for this show: affiliate marketing.

Pat has built a significant business going this route so I brought him on to share what he's learned along the way. If you're interested in building your speaking business beyond the stage you'll want to check out this episode along with our free live training here. Be sure to join us for the training and for episode 198 of The Speaker Lab.


  • Are there any types of products or services that lend themselves better to affiliate marketing?
  • The one question to ask yourself to determine which affiliate products to offer to your audience.
  • Why do you have an advantage in affiliate sales in your role as a public speaker?
  • What is the purpose of demo videos and how do you use them?
  • Can you ever get a higher commission rate?
  • What can you do if a product you like doesn't have an affiliate program?
  • Why would a company ever offer 100% commission rates?
  • What rules should you be aware of when offering affiliate sales?
  • And so much more!



Aug 7, 2018

Wouldn't it be great if you knew how to never lose a customer again? Absolutely! To give us insights is the man who literally wrote the book on this subject: Joey Coleman.

Joey is a full-time speaker who talks to companies about what they can do to keep their customers, especially in the first 100 days of a new customer's journey and how to keep that customer coming back for more.

We dive into those topics as well as his one tip for providing an exceptional experience for your speaking clients. Hear what that tip is and much more on episode 197 of The Speaker Lab!  


  • What percentage of customers stop doing business with a company before their 100 day anniversary?
  • How did he double his speaking fee with one gig?
  • How did he rack up over 4,000 hours of speaking before he gave he became a full-time speaker?
  • While speaking why does he give examples of both big clients and small clients?
  • Do you need to tell your audience you are a professional speaker?
  • Did he actually close his agency in under a week to become a speaker?
  • Why you should prep one hour for every minute you are speaking.
  • How much of a keynote should be customized so your audience feels your speech has been written for them?
  • And so much more!



Jul 31, 2018

Have you ever listened to a speaker and felt like they knew you and your fellow audience members personally? That feeling makes all the difference as a listener, but it also makes a difference for the speaker.

Here to tell us how customizing improves you as a speaker is our Chris Hogan, our guest on today's episode of The Speaker Lab.

Chris is part of Ramsey's Solutions, Dave Ramsey's company and has been for the last 13 years. Over time, Chris has evolved from coaching pro athletes, entertainers and musicians to traveling the globe giving customized speeches to Fortune 100 companies.

On this episode of The Speaker Lab we also talk about how he balances his family with giving close to 100 talks a year, plus what it means to be a good leader. Join us for all of that and more with Chris Hogan on episode 196 of The Speaker Lab!  


  • Why was his first gig a "hot mess" and what can it teach you about being a better speaker?
  • What does his process look like today when giving a new talk?
  • What allows him to grow his craft?
  • How does he track potential stories and anecdotes to include in his talks?
  • Why are first person stories so powerful?
  • What is the magic that connects you with an audience?
  • What advice does he have if you are just starting out?
  • Why we can never be 100% balanced.
  • And so much more!



Jul 24, 2018

Why is being your authentic self on social media important to your speaking career? The answers are on this episode, and it's an extra special one. We're doing something today we have never done before: Melanie Deziel is your host, not me.

Joining her is Michael Barber, a marketing expert and talented speaker who is sharing how speakers can show up as their authentic selves on social media and on stage, plus the 3 different types of content speakers should share online to market themselves and how your day job can compliment your speaking and vice versa.

This is a phenomenal and fun interview covering those topics and much more so be sure to listen in to episode 195 of The Speaker Lab!  


  • What are you amplifying when you take the stage?
  • What are two ways you can be more you on social media?
  • Why you've got to be okay with sharing the real you.
  • What are the three categories for what to share and what not to share on social media?
  • Why is email still the #1 social media channel?
  • Which is better: short or long-form content?
  • Who should you focus on: your engaged subscribers or unengaged?
  • Why your metrics are yours, and you should forget about anyone else's benchmarks.
  • And so much more!



Jul 17, 2018

Knowing how to get attention in today's increasingly digital world is no small feat, and our guest is here to fill us in. If you've listened to the show for awhile you may remember her from episode 124 - Ms. Neen James.

She's a rare repeat guest and we make great use of her visit on today's The Speaker Lab. We talk about attention: getting and keeping attention from potential clients and even other speakers, and how to pay attention.

We're also talking about the grind of speaking and how to stay positive and not give up. Neen is a long-time speaker who knows the ups and downs of building and maintaining a speaking career, together we talk candidly about our own experiences of the highs and the lows. There's much to learn from Neen so settle in and join us on this episode of The Speaker Lab.  


  • How to go analogue in a digital world.
  • What's the absolute best marketing tool?
  • How peanut butter and jelly landed her a client.
  • What is her approach for using a CRM effectively?
  • How to use simple video to create custom communication.
  • What is her process to follow up without being annoying?
  • Why attention is really about authentic connection.
  • Which should you approach first: associations or contacts in your specific industry?
  • And so much more!



Jul 10, 2018

Do you hate the idea of networking or do you see it as an opportunity to give to others? For some networking has a negative connotation, but our guest is here to set the record straight and tell you how to improve your life through networking.

David Burkus is a successful author who considers himself a writer first, and a speaker second. He's written several best-sellers including his latest book called Friend of a Friend., which is specifically about how to enjoy networking.

On today's edition of The Speaker Lab, we'll specifically talk about what most of us do wrong when networking, and what we should instead. David will tell us how to actually connect with other speakers, and do it in a way that fosters real connection, and he'll explain how to find out who you already know to help you find gigs. Buckle up and get ready to enjoy this episode of The Speaker Lab with David Burkus.    


  • What are the biggest mistakes most people make when networking at an event?
  • Why it helps to partner up when you're networking.
  • What two questions should you ask when meeting others?
  • What is the majority illusion and how does it work?
  • How many introductions away from most of the people you want to meet?
  • What is multiplexity?
  • How can you develop a deeper relationship faster with someone you've just met?
  • And so much more!



Jul 3, 2018

Preparing for your speech is an important aspect of giving a great talk and here to give us her trade secrets is Melanie Deziel.

If you've been here before you know Melanie is a frequent co-host of the show and she joins us again on The Speaker Lab to give you a breakdown of her personal speaking preparations.

We give you a behind-the-scenes look at how we each rehearse and get ready for the stage. We specifically talk about music we listen to, food we eat or don't eat, how much we hydrate, and what else we do in the hours leading up to the talk. Get your head right and body right before you take the stage, hear how on this edition of The Speaker Lab!    


  • How far ahead of time should you have your content down pat?
  • How to use voice recording to help you in preparing for your speech.
  • Why not to touch your content the hour before you go on stage.
  • What is the best way to prepare your voice for your speech?
  • Should you work out the day you are speaking?
  • What to do backstage before giving your talk.
  • What else should you schedule for your gig day?
  • How to find out if there's a courtesy clock or countdown clock before you go on stage.
  • And so much more!



Jun 26, 2018

On episode 191 of The Speaker Lab, we're talking about the technical aspects of slides when you're speaking: the pros and the cons, and how to deal with the cons.

As a recap from last week's episode, our co-host Melanie Deziel is here with us for part two of our talk on slides. She's a fan of slides, and uses them with almost all of her presentations. As she says, she's all about the slides!

It's not that I'm not a fan of slides it's just that they can really make or break a presentation. There's a lot that can go wrong when you're using slides, and today we'll help you avoid those mistakes.

Join us to hear how to do so and how to address all the technical aspects of using slides properly on today's episode of The Speaker Lab.  


  • Powerpoint or Keynote: is one better than the other?
  • What's the best size to use for your slides?
  • What types of file will most clients want your slides to be created in?
  • How to make friends with the A/V people.
  • When can you include Internet-dependent audio or video?
  • How to spell out what your slides can and cannot be used for in your contract.
  • What extra equipment should you carry just in case?
  • What questions should you be asking your client about slides before creating your talk?
  • And so much more!



Jun 19, 2018

Should you use slides as a speaker? Some say yes, some say no and some say it depends! To weigh on whether or not you should use slides during your speech we're bringing back our lovely and talented co-host Ms. Melanie Deziel for this edition of The Speaker Lab.

We'll be debating about the pros and cons of using slides as well as customizing slides, and using text, video and images in your slides. Melanie uses slides in almost all of her speeches, and I rarely use them so you'll hear both sides!

On next week's episode, the second half of this interview, we'll get into the technical side of slides from dimensions to formats to using your own equipment or not. Be sure to visit us again to hear the details, and tune in to episode 190 of The Speaker Lab this week.


  • How to be sure your slides are enhancing your speech.
  • Can you provide two different versions of your slides? If so, how?
  • Are there certain fonts and font sizes you should use?
  • Why you should sit at the back of the room before your speech.
  • What's the proper way to use images in your slides?
  • How can you use slides to add humor to your speech?
  • What's the best way to customize your slides for your audience?
  • What contact info should you put on your slides and where should it go?
  • And so much more!



Jun 18, 2018

Our guest is an expert at many things, especially how to put yourself out there! Nicole Walters is our entertaining, energetic and sassy guest on this episode of The Speaker Lab.

Nicole is an income strategist, and globe-trotting speaker. In her business, she helps everyday entrepreneurs apply corporate income strategies to get more profitability, more popularity all the while creating a life they love.

On today's show we talk about her practical tips on how she pitches for gigs, her follow up formula after her initial pitch and how she balances speaking, travel and a family. She also breaks down her different revenue streams for us, why she has a specific season for speaking and her love of making jam! Join us for those insights plus a lot of fun on the 189th episode of The Speaker Lab.


  • How does speaking feed her other businesses?
  • By what metric does she measure how well she spoke at an event?
  • Why does she do meet and greets rather than sell from the stage?
  • Why does she arrive the day before an event?
  • What sets her apart in the marketplace from other speakers, and can you do the same?
  • What percentage of her business time does she spend pitching herself?
  • How many months of pitching did it take for her to speak at a Dave Ramsey conference?
  • What are the two things between you and the biggest stage you are looking for?
  • And so much more!



Jun 5, 2018

What do you need to know about insurance? Do you even need to know about insurance? Yes! I get questions about this all the time so I'm bringing you the man with the answer: Matt Ham. Matt is our guest today on The Speaker Lab.

For the last 10 years Matt has focused on helping families properly insure their homes, their businesses and their lives. But not long ago he also felt a calling to step into something new, and he wrote a book called Redefine Rich. From there he began speaking which has morphed into his organization called YouPrint which is a faith development organization.

Today we talk in great detail about what you need to know about insurance, both personally and professionally. Wherever you are in your evolution as a speaker this is a topic that matters so join us on episode 188 of The Speaker Lab.


  • Do you need life insurance if your employer already provides a policy for you?
  • What questions do you need to ask to choose the insurance that's right for you?
  • How to determine how much should your life insurance policy should be worth.
  • What other types of insurance do you need for your speaking business?
  • What is an own occupation disability policy and why do you need one?
  • What is the difference between short-term and long-term disability, and which do you need?
  • How important is disability insurance for speakers?
  • What is E&O insurance and is it different than liability insurance?
  • And so much more!



May 29, 2018

There's something the most successful speakers do that you might not know: they know how to create systems for success. Without systems, businesses either never really get going or they fall apart. The same is true for speakers and their businesses. Join Melanie Deziel and I as we talk about that very topic on today's episode of The Speaker Lab.

Melanie is back with us again for the third week in a row and we're going to help you figure out the ins and outs of systems for your expenses, your outreach, your travel, your calendar, your taxes, etc. These are all things you need to track and systemize, and to pay attention to this in advance! If you really want to have longevity in your industry you need to know how to create systems for success.  


  • What is the most important aspect of having a system?
  • What are the different ways to handle outreach, and which are best?
  • What is a CRM and why do you want one?
  • Is it okay to use a simple spreadsheet as your system?
  • What app can turn a picture on your phone into a PDF?
  • Why how much you take matters more than how much you make.
  • What's the best way to save for your taxes?
  • Why discipline is critical when you are self-employed.
  • And so much more!



May 22, 2018

Want to know how to pull off the riskiest move as a speaker? Then you'll want to know how to interact with your speaking audience! And here to help us break this topic down is our returning co-host Melanie Deziel.

Today on The Speaker Lab, we are talking about audience interaction: how to engage and interact with your audience, the pros and the cons plus the different ways to go about connecting and when to use which approach.

We'll also cover how to manage your audience interactions so you don't lose control of the room. It's important to connect with your audience, but it can go sideways quickly so join us to hear how to handle it on episode 186 of The Speaker Lab.  


  • When does it make sense to engage with your audience, and when does it not?
  • What are the downsides of doing this?
  • What are pattern interrupts, and why do you want to use them?
  • Where should you try out your interactions first?
  • How to "feel the room" and adjust accordingly.
  • Do you have to call on someone if they raise their hand while you're speaking?
  • What should you do if someone "goes off the rails"?
  • Your interaction with your audience should be in proportion to what?
  • And so much more!



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